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One of the strong points of Ginalco Srl is its highly specialized processing of aluminum and stainless steel. This leads to a very important competitive advantage: a bespoke work methodology, which ensures a meticulous tailor-made work model. Every product that the company produces is the result of close collaboration with the customer, which guarantees a product that is completely customized to meet each client’s specific requests and needs.

Our leadership also includes the following processing steps:

The TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) manual and semi-automatic welding procedure:

Arc welding with an infusible electrode protected by inert gas, which allows the fusion of two strips of base material with or without filler material.

This procedure is performed using both direct current (stainless steel) and alternating current (aluminum alloy). For specific processes, Ginalco also uses direct current for the TIG welding process of aluminum alloys.

MIG / MAG (Metal-arc Inert Gas / Metal-arc Active Gas) manual welding procedure:

Arc welding with metal, protected by inert gas (MIG) or active gas (MAG) for greater penetration of the joint. Pure Argon (inert) is mainly used for aluminum alloys. An argon / helium mixture is used for stainless steel welding. This allows for high productivity, resulting in reduced costs. Our latest-generation welding agents mean high quality of the welding seam, with almost zero spray.

Sheet metal finishing procedure:

Stainless steel products can have the welding seam completely removed from the metal sheet, thereby reaching different quality levels in terms of finishing, right up to a polished mirror finish. Ginalco uses external companies specialized in pickling, passivation and electro-polishing of stainless steel. Aluminum alloy products only require oxide brushing, which results from the welding process. However, if required by the customer specifications, we can also remove aluminum alloy welding beads.

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