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ibc storage containers


Ginalco is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards, obtaining the most prestigious certifications for its products, with a special focus on the safety and reliability of the tanks and each IBC storage containers. The company’s primary goal is to protect the customer by offering a product that is not only safe and reliable but also fully certified.

Our IBC storage containers and cisterns are certified:

Ginalco‘s IBC tanks intended to come into contact with foodstuffsare certified by the Institute for Hygienic Qualification of Food Technologies and Processing Processes (TIFQ)). This institute certifies the compliance of materials and thus of Ginalco’s IBC tanks and reservoirs with the requirements of Framework Regulation EC/1935/2004. MOCAs, in particular, must be produced in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP) and must not transfer components to the food in such quantities as to:

  • Constituting a danger to human health
  • Involve a change in the composition of food products
  • Result in deterioration of organoleptic characteristics

For these reasons, all Ginalco’s IBC tanks and cisterns intended to come into contact with food, are certified and made of steelAISI304/ AISI 316L(on the approved list) and their design is designed to ensure the maximum hygienethrough radii and absence of sharp edges, TIG welds and with contact surface roughness less than 80 microns.

cisterna ibc moca

Hazardous material packaging products are tested with special requirements compared to the standard product line as stipulated in the ADR2017-Chapter 6.5 regulations ” requirements for the construction and testing of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs)” and according to German approval BAM-GGR001, which requires the introduction of a quality management program (QSP) to ensure that the end customer receives a product that meets the required specifications.

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