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stainless steel tanks
Among Ginalco Srl's strengths is our specialization in the construction of aluminum and stainless steel tanks for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors


Specializing in stainless tanks for food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, Ginalco Srl excels in stainless steel processing. We offer customized stainless steel and aluminum tanks that meet the high standards required, ensuring efficiency and compliance.



The Ginalco brand is recognized for the reliability of its stainless and aluminum tanks. Each product is the result of advanced manufacturing techniques and rigorous quality control, ensuring durability, hygiene and superior performance.



A supplier to leading food, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, Ginalco Srl demonstrates the superiority of its stainless and aluminum tanks through international partnerships, testifying to its commitment to high-quality and reliable solutions.

Discover our products

serbatoi di stoccaggio-eurobin-ginalco


The EUROBIN® is distinguished by its adaptability to paletization and its modularity with mixers, either those already in the system or those supplied by us or by third parties.

serbatoio in alluminio ginalco srl


Totesystem storage and unloading tanks are an ideal solution for the industrial sector due to their versatility and reliability.

serbatoi speciali ginalco


At Ginalco, custom tank manufacturing is our main strength. Through highly specialized, innovative and tailor-made processes, we position ourselves as a leader in the field of container customization.

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