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Stainless Steel Food Tanks


Ginalco Srl: Excellence in Stainless Steel Food Tanks

Ginalco Srl stands out in the market for its people, strong specialization in manufacturing processes and customer focus, pillars that have made the company a benchmark in the production of stainless steel food tanks. Choosing Ginalco represents a commitment to a superior, one-of-a-kind product that is the result of careful design sharing with the customer and fully customizable to specific needs.

Customization and Quality: Our Strengths

Customization and attention to detail are at the core of our production process. Each stainless steel food tank is designed and manufactured to meet the most specific requirements of our customers, ensuring optimal solutions for all kinds of needs in the food industry and beyond.

The Most Versatile Stainless Steel Tanks

Stainless steel tanks manufactured by Ginalco find use in a wide range of industries, confirming the versatility and high quality of these containers:

Food: Roasting plants, milling industry, dairies, where corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning are essential to maintain hygienic standards.
Beverage and Oenological: Tanks designed for optimal storage of beverages and wines, ensuring that the organoleptic properties of the products are maintained.
Pet Food and Animal Feed: Safe and durable containers for storing and processing pet food.
Chemical: Additives and mixtures require strong containers that are easy to sterilize.
Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic: Purity and non-contamination of products are priorities, making stainless steel the ideal choice.
Plant Builders for Agribusiness, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries: Customized solutions to integrate seamlessly into existing production lines.

Why Choose Ginalco’s Stainless Steel Tanks

Choosing stainless steel food tanks from Ginalco means relying on a partner that puts excellence and innovation at the heart of its production. Our experience and specialization allow us to offer products that not only meet specific storage and processing needs but are also designed to optimize production processes, ensuring efficiency and sustainability.

Ginalco Srl represents excellence in the production of stainless steel food tanks, offering customized solutions that stand out for their quality, durability and compliance with hygienic and sanitary standards. Our dedication to customization, combined with an unwavering commitment to research and development, ensures that every customer receives the best possible product, designed to enhance efficiency and innovation while complying with the strictest industry regulations.

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