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Totesystem: steel ibc tote

Totesystem storage and unloading tanks are an ideal solution for the industrial sector due to their versatility and reliability. These containers are essential for storing, mixing and safely transporting bulk products, powders and granules. The Totesystem is a tank with a square or rectangular base, which can be made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel, with a tilting discharge. Designed specifically for storing and unloading bulk materials and particularly those that are difficult to handle.
TOTESYSTEMs are therefore storage and unloading tanks suitable for paletization, can be modulated on tilters (already supplied to the plant or supplied by us), are custom made and according to customer requirements.

Cam Totebin: Hybrid and Welded models

The feature that makes our Cam Totebin storage and unloading tanks hygienic and safe is that they have no hollow sections and the parts are never welded in overlap. Therefore, there is no possibility that the product could accumulate in unreachable areas.

The Advantages of these steel ibc and unloading tote:

  • Rounded edges for easy emptying and maximum hygiene
  • Removable components to ensure better cleaning
  • Perfect for transportation by sea, road and rail (optimized section)

These steel ibc tote are ideal for:

  • Flours, cereals
  • Coffee
  • Milk powder and derivatives
  • Food additives and blends
  • Spices and flavorings
  • Pet food and animal feed
  • Chemical powders and mixtures, powder coatings, food and non-food additives
  • Pharmaceutical products and compounds
  • Cosmetic powders
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