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Ginalco Srl is a leading company specializing in the production of aluminum and stainless steel modular storage tote tanks and containers, representing a benchmark in the industry for quality and innovation.

About Us

Founded in 2012 and building on a 30-year legacy in the construction of storage tote tanks and containers for the storage and handling of powders, granules and mixtures, Ginalco Srl stands out for its ability to respond to customers’ specific needs with customized solutions.
Our production facility, located in Lessolo, a few kilometers from Ivrea in the heart of Canavese, benefits from a territorial context rich in history and business culture. This environment, which has seen prominent figures such as Adriano Olivetti, is now a vibrant manufacturing ecosystem made up of innovative SMEs that are leaders in their fields.

Our specialization: storage tote tank production

Today, the production of tanks by Ginalco Srl is positioned as a cutting-edge industry, thanks to an innovative entrepreneurial vision and the production of distinctive products. Our industrial strategy is based on the experience and expertise of a highly qualified staff, which we consider our greatest value.
The core of our excellence in tank production lies in the strong specialization of manufacturing processes. Thanks to a long and consolidated experience in welding techniques, Ginalco Srl ensures efficiency, durability and safety in all its products, confirming itself as a leading company in the production of aluminum and stainless steel tanks.

Commitment to innovation and quality

Ginalco Srl’s commitment to tank production extends beyond mere product manufacturing. We constantly aim for innovation and improvement in our solutions to ensure that each tank meets not only expectations for functionality, but also for sustainability and environmental friendliness.
We invite our customers and partners to discover the difference Ginalco storage tote tank production can make for their business. Whether it is complex needs or custom projects, our team is ready to provide advice and support to find the optimal solution.

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