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EUROBIN® – Metal bulk containers

Metal bulk containers: Versatile Solutions for Diverse Industries

Ginalco’s metal bulk containers are an ideal solution for the industrial sector due to their versatility and reliability. These containers are essential for storing, mixing and safely transporting bulk products, powders and granules.

Our tanks for powders, granules, mixtures and other applications are equipped with a discharge hopper that can be customized according to customer specifications, our solutions facilitate product discharge by harnessing the force of gravity, thus ensuring an efficient and waste-free process.

Adaptability and Customization

The EUROBIN® range is distinguished by its adaptability to paletization and its modularity with mixers, either those already in the system or those supplied by us or by third parties. Tailor-made customization according to customer needs makes our storage tanks especially popular in various industries.

Versatile Applications of Storage Tanks

Our containers and tanks for powders, granules, mixtures and other compounds are ideal for a wide range of materials and industries, including:

Food: Flour, cereals, coffee, milk powder and derivatives, additives and blends, spices and flavorings.
Livestock: Additives and mixtures for pet food and feed.
Chemical: Chemical powders and mixtures, powdered paints, food and non-food additives.
Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic: Pharmaceutical products and compounds, cosmetic powders.

Especially when it comes to the storage of powders and granules, our tanks stand out for their effectiveness. Due to their robustness and precision construction, Eurobin powder and granule tanks offer excellent solutions for handling highly volatile or moisture-sensitive bulk materials, ensuring superior storage performance. Our metal bulk containers for powder are designed to ensure that product discharge occurs with ease to prevent any external contamination and maintain product integrity during storage and transport.
Our attention to customer specifications and wide range of applications make our powder and granule tanks and containers a key element in the efficiency and safety of industrial processes.

Why Choose Our metal bulk containers for Powders, Granules, Mixtures as Your Storage Solution

Choosing our powder and granule tanks and containers means opting for a reliable, durable and custom-designed solution to meet the specific needs of your industry. Our experience and specialization in the field of storage tanks allow us to offer high quality products designed to maximize the efficiency of your facility and ensure safety throughout the process of storing and transporting materials.

With a wide range of applications and the possibility of customization, they are the ideal solution for those seeking reliability and optimization of their production processes.

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