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Stainless steel ibc


Ginalco Stainless Steel IBC: Excellence Made to Measure for Your Business

In modern industry, the quality of materials determines not only the efficiency but also the sustainability of operations. Our stainless steel tanks are the best choice for those seeking durable, safe and eco-friendly solutions.

Perfect for a wide range of applications, from the food and wine sectors to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, our tanks ensure maximum integrity of stored product, resisting corrosion, extreme temperatures and contamination. Ginalco’s stainless steel tanks are not just containers, they are purpose-designed solutions to meet these crucial needs.

With over 50 years of experience, Ginalco is committed to providing products that meet the highest standards of hygienic design, ensuring the safety and quality of your final product. We always strive to ensure the effectiveness and perfect fitting of the solutions offered.

With a track record of success and utmost attention to your specific needs, we stand as an ideal partner to improve the efficiency and security of your operations. Don’t let choosing the right tank become another challenge for your business. Choose Ginalco for a personalized, innovative and safe approach.

Why Choose Our Stainless Steel IBC?

Custom Design

Each Ginalco stainless steel tank is “sewn on” to the customer, offering unique customizations in size, materials, finishes and accessories. This means that not only do you have control over dimensions, choosing the volume that best fits your production process, but you also have a say in the materials used, surface finishes, and integrated accessories. The result? A solution that integrates seamlessly into your operating environment, improving efficiency and maintaining quality standards.

Our Totesystem solution, for example, is ideal for the “dust free” discharge of dusty materials because of its large discharge area that facilitates the flow of dust.

Innovative Shape and Improved Safety

Our choice of a rectangular/square shape for stainless steel tanks allows better utilization of storage space and safer handling than traditional round containers. This shape eliminates critical stress points, ensuring stability and safety even with products of significant specific weight.

Our Totesystem solution is a prime example. Designed for the industry that handles dusty materials, this innovative solution offers “dust free” discharge, minimizing contamination and providing a safer and cleaner working environment. With its large discharge area, scientifically designed to maximize efficiency, powders, even those that are more volatile or tend to compact, flow freely, reducing discharge time and improving internal logistics

Certifications & Compliance

Safety and regulatory compliance are the backbone of every operation in industry, especially when it comes to the transportation and storage of hazardous materials or food contact. Our tanks are approved under international ADR regulations for the transport of hazardous materials and designed to comply with the most stringent international food safety regulations., ensuring maximum compliance and safety for your business.

Ginalco is committed to offering storage solutions that not only meet your operational needs, but are also synergistic with an overall commitment to safety, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

A Smart Investment

Choosing a Ginalco tank means investing in an end-of-life-free solution, ensuring long-term savings and resource optimization. Our experience enables us to address and overcome common objections such as high cost and long lead times, providing unparalleled value and reliability. Choosing Ginalco means deciding to entrust the management of your materials to a partner that not only guarantees you an excellent, durable product, but is also committed to providing cost-effective solutions with an eye toward the operational and environmental sustainability of your business.

Invest in a future where effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand, ensuring your business a lasting competitive advantage! Contact us today to explore how our stainless steel tanks can transform your operations and lead your business to success.

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The EUROBIN® range is distinguished by its adaptability to paletization and its modularity with mixers, either those already in the system or those supplied by us or by third parties.

serbatoio in alluminio ginalco srl


Totesystem storage and unloading tanks are an ideal solution for the industrial sector due to their versatility and reliability.

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At Ginalco, custom tank construction is our main strength. Through highly specialized, innovative and tailor-made manufacturing processes, we position ourselves as a leader in the container customization industry.

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